May 18, 1851

DCF 1.0 *


Sun 18st  Went to church this morning and heard our

new Organ for the first time  Mr Roach

does not understand playing on it very well,

but it is a fine toned one I should think.  Came

home at noon with Mr Ames got some violet

roots for my garden […] Went

back to meeting this afternoon  Since have been

reading & visiting   Orinthia & OAA called on S E Williams


Albert A. Roach, later spelled “Rotch,” was pretty well known throughout Easton.  A resident of the Furnace Village section of town and a manufacturer of cotton thread, Rotch held several civic offices and even moderated at Town Meeting.  But his pride must have been particularly gratified when, back in 1841, he had been chosen as the very first leader of Easton’s very first military band. According to historian William Chaffin, the band’s first performance – or gig, as we might say today –  was playing for the Norton Artillery in May, 1842, where “their remuneration was one dollar each, the band members paying their own expenses.”**  First known as the Easton Brass Band, they later became known at the Second Brigade Brass Band.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rotch’s talent on the horn or trumpet evidently didn’t turn him into an effective organist.  Evelina’s polite assessment of his inaugural performance on the new church organ suggests that Mr. Rotch’s notes did not hit their target.  The tone, evidently, was fine but the pitch, perhaps, was uncertain.  The congregation, including Evelina, soldiered on, however, and returned to church for the afternoon service, despite the discordant sound from the new instrument.

The thought of pretty little violets eventually growing in her garden must have offered strong consolation.



**William Chaffin, History of Easton, 1886, pp. 607 -608.



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