Happy Birthday, Evelina


Evelina Gilmore Ames

Today, June 14, 2016, is Evelina Gilmore Ames’s 207th birthday.

While Evelina herself wouldn’t approve of any friends or relatives lifting an alcoholic toast in her honor, she would surely indulge in some cake.  She might even bake it herself, if that big old brick oven were still standing.

Please feel free to celebrate!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Evelina

  1. I hope Evalina, that you take a break from sewing today!🎂🎂🎂❗️

  2. I miss your entries on Evalina, for sure. They have expanded the trails where we walked a year ago. One can now also go up to Lincoln Spring via a trail, rather than bushwhacking. For old times sake here is what I have (just excerpts) on Old Oliver’s diary from late spring early summer of 1858. They are still having frosts in June. Now we are having a cool June, but nothing close to frosts:
    “The 26th (May) I think the apple trees were in full bloom the 24 my trees never blowed so porely as they have this year
    June the 6th there was a frost last night & the day was rather cold it did (not) kill anything in my garding but it did in some places
    S12th there was some frost last night & today wind southwest fair and cold
    The 15th I bought a yoke of cattle at Wrentham for 177;50 one black and one brown or brindle weight 3,000
    Rain, rain
    The 18th the ponds are verry full. The Flyaway is one foot above what we call a full pond. & the great pond is as high as I ever knew it. The day is fair, wind southwest.
    The 24th Oakes came home from Iowa today after being gone about four weeks
    The 27th bought a yoke of cattle of T Ames that weighd 2840 pounds
    July 8th & 9th haying notes brought in 2 loads shower “wett part of out hay” got in 2 loads on the 9th

  3. Happy B-day, Youngster! Hope you have time to iron those ruffles before the party.

  4. What a pleasant surprise! I miss her daily writing. Happy Birthday Evelina!

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