August 12, 1852.

Sow Thursday Aug 12th  I have been very busy and have not

written in this book for a number of days and

have made a mistake  Yesterday it rained and

prevented our going to Boston and it was last

night that Oakes  A bled and prevented our

going to day  Mrs Dorr returned to Boston

this morning  I have been very busy fixing work

for Catharine

Evelina was rattled. She usually kept pretty good track of her days, but this week she was delinquent and confused. She jumbled her activities around. In all probability, she was upset about Oakes Angier’s illness. He had been coughing up blood for a couple of weeks, at least, and wasn’t getting any better. The worry and fatigue was getting to her.

Outside the sickroom, the day was pleasant. The wind was “southerly + pritty warm,” allowing Old Oliver’s crew of outdoor men to sow “grass seed + turnips on one half of the Peckham lott this day.”* Life of the farm and, presumably, at the factory were proceeding as normal. But it wouldn’t have felt normal to Evelina and others. Their lives were threatened by a sinister possibility.

Easton readers and local historians, where was the Peckham lot?

*Oliver Ames, Journal, Stonehill College Archives, Arnold Tofias Collection

2 thoughts on “August 12, 1852.

  1. The Peckham I know of, Oliver’s former? book-keeper (I think that there was an Evelina entry about his moving to another town, a while ago) lived on Picker Lane, and if his land extended north, it would be in the direction of the land on which Manley was growing his flowers, later, Tufft’s farm. Now there is a 10-20 acre lot between the two on which several house have been recently erected. I would guess that it is this land where Old Oliver was planting because he planted potatoes, nearby as well.

    • Thank you, Dwight. Yes, I believe this was land that John Peckham, the bookkeeper who moved to Taunton and was replaced by John Swain, once owned? lived on? rented from Old Oliver?

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