April 5, 1852




April 5th Monday  Went into the garden this morning and

found my tulips were coming up through the coal

scraped it off and set out a few that I got in

Olivers garden.  Went with Orinthia to Edwin

Manlys garden about three Oclock. he had gone

to Mr Clapps.  We rode there and met him on

the way stoped awhile and had a chat on plants

in general  The school commenced this morning

by Mr Brown & C Clark

Tulips! How welcome was the sight of the curl of green shoots “coming up through the coal.”

Forget the laundry.  Never mind the sweeping and dusting. Someone else could do the breakfast dishes. Without so much as a glance at her sewing workbox or the pile of mending, Evelina was in her garden.

She scraped the coal covering away and “set out a few” more plants. After midday dinner, she and Orinthia headed to Edwin Manley’s nursery north of the village only to find that Mr. Manley had himself headed out to look at plants at the home of Lucius Clapp in Stoughton. The two women rode on and finally came across Mr. Manly en route. With carriage and on horseback, the three avid gardeners paused in the roadway and “had a chat about plants.” Spring had truly begun.

4 thoughts on “April 5, 1852

  1. So far, I have only snowdrops and pussy willows, but I have had my fingers in the dirt to get worms for the compost pile. The daffodils are out at the Y, not too far from the site of Evelina’s house. The Y has a south facing wall that generally produces the first daffodils in these parts. Right now, I would settle for a crocus. 😉

  2. Also, the Great Pondm which Manyley and Evelina would have had to cross on the causeway to get to Lucius Clapp’s place, is still icebound, at least on our (the north) end. There was a little open water along our shore yesterday, but one cold windy night froze it up again.

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