November 6, 1851


Winter wear from Godey’s Lady’s Book, November, 1851


Thurs Nov 6th  Worked about the house awhile this

morning and about eleven went into the

other part of the house to sit with the ladies

sewed the shirt onto my delaine dress.

Mrs Hubbell & Mrs Ames returned to New York

this afternoon  After they left Mrs S Ames &

self called on Mrs Swain & we went

to Augustus  Mr Bartlett is here will spend the night


After a morning of choring, sewing, and visiting, the Ames women were out and about this afternoon under fair skies. Houseguests Mrs. Hubbell and Almira (Mrs. George) Ames were carried to Mansfield to catch the train for New York.  No doubt they had on their best traveling dresses for the journey. They had been visiting Sarah Witherell and Old Oliver for better than a week.  Servant Jane McHanna traveled with them as far as Mansfield.

After midday dinner, Evelina joined another sister-in-law, Sarah Lothrop Ames, to pay a call on their young friend, Ann Swain.  Mrs. Swain, the wife of the new Ames clerk, John Swain, was a new mother already doting on her first-born son. There would be many visits to ooh and aah over the infant.  Similar oohing and aahing might have been dispensed at their second afternoon call, this one to Augustus Gilmore, his wife Hannah, and her three month old son, Willie.  Even if obligatory, surely these visits were preferable to the calls that the Ames women also made on the sick and the dying.





3 thoughts on “November 6, 1851

  1. Is Mrs George Ames the widow of George, John’s son, who died not long after taking over his father’s knife shop in Sharon, or some other George?

    • Dwight: I believe Almira Ames, who was listed as a member of the Oliver Ames household in the 1850 census, is indeed the widow of the George Ames in Sharon, but have no proof. What made her go off to New York? What money did she have to live on her own? Did she have children? And so on. What information do you have about George and the knife shop? I think you mentioned him before…

      • I have quite a bit of information on the knife shop that Oliver helped his brother John set up at the Picker site, years earlier and Oliver’s later notation that he stopped to visit George on his way over to inspect the Messinger Privilege in Canton, where he eventually built a shop. I think that the Sharon Historical Society has some photos of John’s/George’s knife shop, at least as it looked some years later and possibly some info relating to that shop There is also a very nice large stone house/mansion nearby that I suspect housed the Ameses, but I have not confirmed that they actually built it. Also a Knife Shop Street nearby.

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